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Interchange Podcasts

November 20, 2015Federal Aid Essentials
October 30, 2015Social Media in the LTAP/TTAP Community
October 5, 2015Broadcast Training Sessions
September 30, 20142014 NLTAPA Conference Recap
April 22, 2014Ohio LTAP’s Rural Road Safety Audit Assistance Program
May 9, 2013 Developing Tribal Safety Management Plans
April 10, 2013Equipment and Material Sharing Program for Municipalities
February 27, 2013Every Day Counts: Phase 2
January 30, 2013TRB/Winter NLTAPA Business Meeting Recap
December 19, 2012LTAP/TTAP Joint Safety Program Leadership Team
June 18, 2012 Angela Kociolek, Western Transportation Institute: Wildlife Crossing Structures
June 24, 2011Dr. Ben Colucci on the Decade of Action for Road Safety
June 22, 2011Inspecting Bridges Safely, NHI Training Courses with Louisa Ward and Shay Burrows
June 14, 2011PAR-CAR Changes with Cameron Ishaq
May 24, 20112011 LTAP/TTAP Conference in Boston with Chris Ahmadjian
May 10, 2011Roundabouts and the TRB Roundabout Conference with John Habermann, Indiana LTAP
April 26, 2011What is the Local & Rural Road (LRR) Safety Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Program?
April 7, 2011Low Cost Safety Improvements Webinar with Ron Hall, Colorado TTAP
March 11, 2011Brad Sant Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse
February 28, 2011Rema Nilakanta, Go Magazine