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LTAP/TTAP Safety Toolkit

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As part of the larger national collaborative focus on safety, the primary TPP responsibility is to coordinate available road safety resources and make them accessible to Centers.  The goal is to help Centers meet the challenge for LTAP/TTAP to establish a baseline of roadway safety knowledge, skills and experience at the Center level and to use those abilities to address roadway safety throughout the local road agency customer base. 

The LTAP/TTAP Safety Toolkit is the central portal for Centers for road safety information and materials.  The focus is on collecting the latest “news you can use” in the following areas: 

These resources and materials can come from anywhere in the local roads community - Centers, FHWA, state DOTs, association partners and everyone is strongly encouraged to send relevant safety resources to CLAS@dot.gov for review by TPP and the NLTAPA Safety work group for inclusion in the site.